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Permanent "20 raw damage"





i am currently playing the abbey of the fallen moon.

Since some fight there, i have a permanent status effect saying "20 raw damage" (see also attachement) on the main char and Maneha.

I tried

- resting (both camp and inn)

- restarting the game

- reloading

Nothing works.

It dosnt seem to do anything, but it looks awful.


The game version is 3.02 (GOG 15).


How do i get rid of it?

My last save would require me to replay the whole abbey. I really dont want to, i hate those monks...


Thanky for any help in advance!


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i reinstalled the game, now the problem is gone. So i am quite sure, I skipped the 3.02 patch on installing the last time.


Sorry about the confusion, that was clerarly a mistake on my side.

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