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Hyper Light Drifter

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I just bought this game (played for only 2 hours so far) Anyone else playing it? What do you think?


It's certainly beautiful in a minimalist way, but I'm not sure I like the idea of absolutely no dialogue (besides a few lines of tutorial text). Apparently they want to create a "sense of mystery" or something, but I think just a drop of dialogue here and there would go a long way to giving the player some storyline motivation.


The controls also take some getting used to. I'm guessing its one of those games you have to learn with your hands, not your head, but I think it might be a lot easier with a PS2 controller rather than a mouse or keyboard.


Basically, I'm not really sure if I like or not it yet.

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Can't believe a missed something like this on Kickstarter. I love how it looks but since apparently everyone agrees that it plays better with a controller, i'll wait for a PS4 version for now.

1.13 killed off Ja2.

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