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After some many problems playing on my phone (save files kept corrupting), I switched to my Nook.  I used the same login as the phone, but none of the save files were available.  Not a problem.  The problem is gold is not accumulating.  I tried creating a new account, but no luck. I restarted the Nook and created a third account. That did not work as the save file from the previous account showed up.  Lost as to how to advance in the game. 

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Update, went back to the phone and was able to access the "corrupted" file.  Finished Burnt Offerings with Merisiel, Kyra, Seoni and Valeros.  Although Seoni died on the last adventure.  Bought the Skinsaw Murders and a treasure chest.  Started the Skinsaw Murders and all characters reverted to base cards and characteristics.

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