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Problem with redeeming keys and rewards

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Hi there,


it's been a long time, since PoE came out. White March is in it's second state and well i decided to play again after i reinstalled my whole pc (got new hard drives).


i remember backing the game with a physical copy (laying right in front of me) and a digital copy (redeemed it at release on GoG)

Now i remember there were goodies coming with it like a cooking book. i wanted to look inside and maybe give one or two recipes a try.

So far so good.


I knew where i could redeem those things so i went to the homepage of PoE, logged in and opened the tab "My Products"


NOW the fun begins....this is what i read there:  



No products available... yet!

So i went to the tab "My Orders" and was surprised.....there i read the following:


Order ID (with an ID attached), Date (with the correct date), Total: 0,00 (wtf?), Status: "Canceled" (wtf²), Shipment status: "none" (wtf³)


While the first two informations are correct, i am totally surprised about the last three....and can't explain it no matter how hard i think about it.

I mean...i HAVE the physical copy right in front of me with the box standing on my desk right next to my WoW 10 years figurine.

I HAVE redeemed a digital key to register the game on GoG.

So i had access to my Order and all that stuff. Now everything is gone.


I have no access anymore to any of the digital goodies that came with the retail pack i backed for.


Can somebody please help me how to fix this?


I already wrote an email to "support@obsidian.net" (don't know if it's still the right adress) but no answer.



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Ok can be closed :D


Got reply from Obsidian.

There was a misunderstanding at release, where i asked if it would be possible to upgrade to the boxed collectors edition (the signed one) so my credits and order were canceled, but shipped though.

Everything is now back to normal :D


My panic is gone and i have access to all my goodies again.


Thank you Obsidian

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