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Suggestion: Quest Mode save game management



I've ran into a couple showstoppers in story mode that have permanently ended that run as the save game state is always in error and can't be recovered; so far, these are all documented either in my own, or others, bug reports.


Today, however, I ran into one (a currently documented problem) in Quest mode. My quest mode is now 100% borked, and closing/restarting game returns to that borked game state.  With Story mode, if this occurs, at least I can delete the save game and start a new one. I lose my progress, it's annoying, but it's a test, and those things happen. There's a trust we have with the developers that those problems will be minimized.


With Quest mode, I have to uninstall completely and reinstall if I have any hope of being able to play/test Quest mode.  Not only is this annoying, but with the recovery from story mode, I lose one game; with uninstalling (currently), that wipes out ALL of my games.


Further, if my understanding from another thread is correct, the login should also hold your save game information at some point near in the future. If you have a corrupt game in Quest, and the save goes to the cloud, you are permanently unable to recover from that.


I do understand that the bugs will mostly be gone by launch (knock on wood), but it's naive to think that there's ever 0% chance that a game stopping bug won't be encountered in Quest mode again in the future by anyone. Uninstalling (at best) or permanently losing their ability to play Quest (at worst) are not acceptable solutions.


I would suggest that Quest and Story mode save games be managed from the same interface, and they just store the game type as additional information. However, any solution to this problem would suffice, even *gulp* the worst acceptable case of some way to simply delete Quest progress.

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