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The Great Wizards(!)

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I don't know about stories, but there are a few encounters. I haven't devoured all the WM2 content yet (I keep rerolling) but I've understood Llengrath is an optional encounter like Concelhaut is one in WM1. These are obvious (so I assume you have scoured their vicinity for lore), but the next two might not be...


1) You can have a Watcher-vision of Ninagauth in WM1 (somewhere in Russetwood), and then later find one of his grimoires. Perhaps more interestingly, you'll see how much tolerance he has for thieving apprentices.

2) Minoletta might be dead, as her grimoire is in the adra dragon's hoard. It's outright called Minoletta's Grimoire, so, you know, it feels like THE grimoire, one she would not readily part with. On the other hand, when you ask Concelhaut about his rivals (or, as he implies, those who consider him their rival), I don't recall him sounding like any of them were dead.

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