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One of the primary problems I have with the game is the health bar being bubbles (using colorblind mode), and the health bars not being displayed automatically (forcing you to hold tab)... I haven't found a fix for either.

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The real difficulty is that they are bubbles and not bars, so no there is no indication of incoming damage.


Floating damage received numbers would be just as suitable. It must have got lost once the dev team and beta testers became familiar with the game. It no sense whatsoever to have floating numbers for damage outgoing, health received - and leave out damage received.


You end up spending 90% of your time staring at the combat log and character portraits. Old school, but not very gratifying.


They fixed the inventory system for similar reasons. Perhaps they'll provide an option in the sequel for the bars they used on the console release.


Anyway, I've found all of 5 posts related to this, so I guess no one is fussed. But heck, these are the guys who had text scaling all nailed down, then didn't implement a decent solution for Tyranny. Go figure.


*squints at combat log*

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