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Character upgrades still not right



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Update: (I have screen shots but it's hard to upload where I'm at. (Hint: Happiest place on Earth))


If you look at the character sheets under Completion, Merisiel and Kyra both still have a lock on Perils, like everyone else in the party, BUT they have check marks next took the 3 scenarios.

The rest of the party has no check marks even though I started at the beginning with a clean install and this party from the beginning using stolen gold.

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Not sure if this is known or being worked on specifically.

Going from Black Fang. 0-3, to Burnt Offering 1-1.

Party of 6

Merisiel and Kyra retained their skill up and their decks.

Every one else reset.


Some questions:

  1. Did you modify character decks between scenarios? 
  2. Did you add in or remove other characters at any point?
  3. What were the other characters in your party?
  4. Did anyone die at any point?
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1. Modify, unless you mean resetting after the scenario back down to 15, no I did not modify.


2. No. I did not add in any one. I started with all 6 from the beginning, but of course, I was given Kyra and Merisiel originally.


3. K, M, Valeros, Ezren, Lem, Seelah.


4. I don't remember. I want to say yes. I've died too many times. I'm happy to wipe and restart with same group, if that will help.

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