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looking for a new microphone


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Soooo, after that monitor thing, I am now looking for a new wireless gaming microphone.


Thing is: I would like a headset with just a microphone on it. Usually I always play with sound via normal speaker, and I've had my old headset around my neck. It worked pretty well so far, but the cable is annoying & limiting me now... Anyone got ideas for some alternative setup? Or what about these tiny mics people stick on their clothes? Does something like this would work in that case?


Obviously the voice quality should be good. I've bought some wireless headset from Asus last week, which I wanted to use like my old cable headset: Wearing it around my neck, but honestly, the sound quality is so, so bad, it's hilarious. Even if I wear it as intended I find it hardly suitable for anything speaking-related.


So yeah, now I am looking for something new.

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