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[suggestion] training dummies at Caed Nua

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Now, I'm only the elected voice of my own self, but I think I speak for (roughly, give or take) 100% other players when I say one could wish for training dummies in Caed Nua, or some other lore-friendly way of testing character builds, spells, and item synergies.


There could be several dummies, with different levels (say 4, 8, 12, 16), and possibly even toggle-able resistances and presets (heavy plate, squishy, mage with several defensive spells up...).



What say you ?

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They should have put all the backer NPCs in the Stronghold and gave them actual roles and content. Would have resolved a lot of complaints about empty stronghold.


As for testing... use the console and activate with this line.


StrongholdForceAttack index - a number ranging from 0 to I don't know
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