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[suggestion] training dummies at Caed Nua

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Now, I'm only the elected voice of my own self, but I think I speak for (roughly, give or take) 100% other players when I say one could wish for training dummies in Caed Nua, or some other lore-friendly way of testing character builds, spells, and item synergies.


There could be several dummies, with different levels (say 4, 8, 12, 16), and possibly even toggle-able resistances and presets (heavy plate, squishy, mage with several defensive spells up...).



What say you ?

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I think that it's a little late to be thinking about something rather big like that.  At this point in the process, about all we can hope for is cleaning up bugs before Obsidian moves its people off PoE and onto some other project.

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They should have put all the backer NPCs in the Stronghold and gave them actual roles and content. Would have resolved a lot of complaints about empty stronghold.


As for testing... use the console and activate with this line.


StrongholdForceAttack index - a number ranging from 0 to I don't know
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