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Urthal Fighters Doing Ridiculous Damage (500+)



Hi, I've been trying to see how low of a level I can defeat Urthal and in more recent attempts he and the fighters in his group seem to be doing ridiculous damage, 500+ on a hit.  I don't remember them doing this much damage on earlier attempts when I was lower level.


Here's a screenshot.




The rogues seem to be doing normal, reasonable damage.  But he and his fighters all seem to be doing hundreds of damage per swing.


Here's a save.  I generally start the fight by casting Hail Storm and Overwhelming Wave from Pallegina's breastplate.  When the cast ends the normal dialog box pops up and then the fight begins.  Not sure if that affects things.

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I should also mention that I've been experiencing something else (which should be reproducible with the uploaded save) which seems to be a bug, which is that Hiravias seems to move really slowly while shapeshifted after spending some time in his Stalgaer form.  Right after shapeshifting he moves at a reasonable speed, then usually after killing someone, he takes forever to move to the next target.  He's wearing a Boots of Speed which might be causing the bug, if it is indeed a bug.  Not sure if the two bugs are related.

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