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BUG: Villain don't have "monster" or "barrier" types



I noticed yesterday, when encountering the Ambush barrier, that Villains don't have Monster type like they should. Here's what happened


I failed to pass the Ambush check to defeat. As a result, I had to encounter the next monster (not non-villain, just monster) in the location. I watched as the game started flipping cards, and eventually came to Jubrahyl Viski, the villain for the scenario. Thinking I had finally found him, naturally I was disappointed as it kept flipping until it came to a Mercenary and had me fight it.


I thought maybe Ambush wasn't coded correctly, until today in a Burnt Offerings scenario. I was at a location (I believe Catacombs of Wrath) where you could pass a Wisdom or Perception 7 check to evade any monster you encounter. I encountered the villain Elysium, and it didn't let me trigger the power. Again confused, Iooked at the Elysium card and noticed that right above the checks to defeat it said






On the physical cards, villains say Type: Monster or Type: Barrier. Henchmen have that same box, and I assume are also labeled as "none" in the game, instead of the appropriate type.

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