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Permanent paralyzed status



Hello everyone.


I've been encountering a rather annoying issue recently.


Ocassionally the paralyze status will become permanent (no expire time).




My character can still move, but no other action is possible.

I'm fairly certain that this is related to Fenwalkers (-3 duration of stuck / hobled / paralyzed) and graze effect (i.e. duration being already shorter than 3 seconds and being reduced by 3 going into negative value).



Save can be found here


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Heya Snick!


Sorry you ran into this issue. You are correct in assuming that it's related to Fenwalkers; getting hit with a paralyze effect that was less than 3 seconds in length while equipped with Fenwalkers would result in you getting permanently paralyzed.


We have fixed the issue, and you should be able to play with the fix by updating to the 3.02 beta =)


Thanks for posting, and I hope you're enjoying the game!

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I try my very best.

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