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[3.01] Risk Tolerance quest dissapears for quest log



I was doing Risk Tolerance quest. After Nesta says to meet her at White Forge I entered Durgan's Battery and meet Nesta running from several warriors. When I killed them Nesta was missing. I entered White Forge and found her standing in front of it.


Then I try to talk with her, she says standard lines about saving her and says to meet her at the Forge. There is no way to continue quest from here and now quest is missing in quest log.


Save game from White Forge:



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Hey iadramelk,


I loaded up your save and notice the issue, however I was unable to reproduce the issue on a different save. I have written up a bug and added it to our database. Do you happen to have an older save you can go back to before you meet Nesta at the forge? Try that and see if it happens again.


Thanks a bunch!

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Was able to reproduce this issue. Looks like the problem is not that she runs away after battle, but that I accidentally killed her with some AOE. If Nesta dies in the battle at the start of Durgan's Battery, quest will be deleted from quest log, and then she will respawn at White Forge with effects from the original post.

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