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Hey there  :) 


Here are some follow up questions from the AMA, if you can answer them here or in the Twitch Stream, that’s great, if not then I’ll wait impatiently until 29 March 2016.

Anyway, on with the show…….


Q3. Will character decks be available?

NJD: Character Add-On Deck, yes. Class Deck, no. We have some different in game structures that will take the place of the class decks...and unfortunately that's all the deets I can give on that.

Three questions:

Will the Character Add-on Deck include only the additional Characters or will there be other Boons and Banes as well?

Can you give more details on what in game structures will replace the Class Decks?

Will Class decks or whatever replaces them include different versions of the RoRL Characters?


Q7. Will we be able to have multiple campaigns running at the same time?

NJD:  You will definitely be able to run multiple parties at the same time. In fact, you will be able to break up an existing party recombine the characters into a new party. Super flexible!

Will there be any parameters or limits around how Characters are transferred from one Party to another?


Q4. Will we be able to combine cards from different sets? Eg we are playing the B scenarios from RoRL, and we want to add the B cards from S&S and WotR.

NJD: Initially our focus is RotR. Cards in this set will stick with this set. However! There are more announcements to come that will add a big caveat to this.

Can these announcements be shared with us yet?


Q8. Will there be bonus digital cards from pre-ordering and/or bundling purchases?


Can you share with us what any of these bonus cards are?


I would have asked on the Stream but I'm away all weekend on my Wedding anniversary


Thanks :) 

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