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Hey guys.


So finally I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough. I'm mostly lvl 15(soon 16) on all chars and starting wm2 (just cleared stalwart mines), then thaos left and thats it. I had a blast! My party is OP beyond reason :p Wizard tank, Monk(something between juggernaut and fulmino), Backlash cipher, ranger(great white), priest, pellagina (support). Honestly this party just wrecks, sometimes I get nuked down on backlash if I dont know the fight but pellagina rez, priest rez... Most of the times I'm completely overwhelmed what action to choose becuase I have so many choices. Either by sending backlash into the fray and letting enemies melt themselves on her or just drown them with wizard CC but most of the times fight ends once I apply immunities with priest, throw champion boon on monk and reaping knives from cipher. After that cipher is CONSTANTLY at 160 focus, I can't even spend that spamming amplified wave O_o This is like ultimate I WIN combo so far. The only task I have is to CC to buy just enough time to start this. 


I'm leaning toward either new playthrough or a solo Potd run. Although I'm not sure I'll enjoy soloing actually, feels like soloing is testing how much you know to cheese the game and thats it although I guess you don't have to pause as much;p I feel like starting new playthough with some rly weird party. Like 5 rangers and a druid/chanter or create a church and have 5 paladins and a priest hah. What are your ideas for some rly crazy setups? 


P.S after killing radiant spore I'm wondering if its actually possible to solo full content including wm2 ?? I mean how would you deal with radiant spore encounter solo, lets say hard mode without freeing vithracks?

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