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I can't believe you let us see this!



Did you make this forum public just to torture the rest of us?

What are you thinking?

Is there any thing for us to do to get into the closed beta? Would it help to know that I've actually beta tested games since 1999.

Like actual beta testing, not just pre-release playing of games? 

20 days we have to wait.

Still going to check my e-mail every hour.

For 20 days!!



Seelah save me!

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Well this open up what program developing is. It Also show that the next two weeks Are needed fully to get this game to work properly or at least allmost properly. I am guite sure that we will brake it when we get the official release in our Hands :-)


But that is just normal in Computer world. I am quite happy that we Are allowed to follow the development of this game!

Good Luck and happy debugging! And hopefully not too Many game braking bugs during the last weeks!

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