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A bunch of smaller bugs



- The Rogue's Coordinated Positioning can trigger retaliation-type attacks when used on allies.


- As far as I can tell, the Distracted condition does not allow for Deathblows (but works for regular sneak attack).


- The Fighter's Weapon Specialization and Weapon Mastery talents don't seem to work for unarmed combat.


- When fighting the monks at the abbey, I noticed that some of the status effects they cause (-10 to defenses from Flagellant's Path, -2 might from Torment's Reach), don't seem to count as negative effects, and are extended when an afflicted character attacks using Spelltongue. I don't know if this also happens when the player uses those abilities.


- Fine Breastplate is a little messed up on female characters, the right forearm seems to be detached and clips through the armor.

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