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[3.01] Bug: Area map visible before exploration





I encountered a bug exactly as described in an earlier post:


In short, I am able see the entire area map of any completely new area that I have not yet explored.  I enter the area, load the map, and encounter this issue.


I am creating this post because the "fix" in the above post is not ideal.  It required me to use an old Intel 520 driver package.  As a result, other display elements on my system are broken and prone to crashing.

Thank you in advance for looking into a fix that is compatible with current drivers for this graphics card!


My system and software setup is similar to the user Sandkappa in the above post.
Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit

Intel i7-6500 processor with 8GB RAM and Intel 520 graphics

v. 3.01.977 -steam


Attached is a dxdiag log and output log.


Save file dropbox link:


Driver versions below:

Most recent driver according to Intel: (signed December 22, 2015)

Driver I used to fix the issue: (signed August 13, 2015)



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As of the latest Steam release, this issue no longer occurs.  Tried a new game as well as an old save.  Yay!


No idea what was done to cause the problem or resolve it, but hey... I'm just glad I can enjoy PoE on the newest display drivers for my system.

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Thanks for having me!

Just clicked "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" via Steam via right click > Properties > Local Files.  The result I got was: "All Files Successfully Validated."  Is that what you meant?

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Bumping to see if this issue has been addressed as of the 3.02 beta.  Incidentally, I tested this on another identical machine (HP Spectre x360) and the newest Intel-provided drivers produce the exact same bug as on my machine.


This is the HP info page for the PCs that I tested:

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