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What potions are useful?

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Looking at the description of potions, some of them seem not to be worth at all using. Maybe I miss something about them.


For example:


Potion of Iron Skin: +8 Damage Reduction until damaged. This seems totally useless. Means absorbing only once 8 damage. The lower level potion Potion of Spirit Shield seems much better, because it provides +3 DR over 45 seconds.


Potion of Wizard's Double (+40 Deflection until Hit or Critically Hit, lasts indefinitely) seems better than Potion of Mirrored Image (+25 Deflection until damaged for 60 seconds)


Potion of Barring Death's Door - for the potion to take effect means the character would have been killed, but if you reached that point means the character will be knocked out of combat nevertheless, so why prepare to lose a battle with such potions?


Potion of Fleet Feet - that would be useful if you could drink it before combat. If you try to use it to escape from a difficult position, chances are your character will be surrounded and locked before he could finish drinking the potion.



On the other hand, really good potions seems to be: Potion of Bulwark Against The Elements, Potion of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion or Potion of Llengrath's Displaced Image.

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I mostly use DAOM and Major Endurance. On a Backlash Beldam build I'll use Fire Shield as well.


Flask of War Paint is pretty good if you're not already using Scroll of Valor.

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