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3.01 Paralysed figurine summons not disappearing (mac)



Paralysed figurine summons don't disappear upon death. From what I remember from a v1 when I was originally playing, if one of the figurine summons died whilst paralysed they would show up on every map from then on in as an un-interactable sprite - which completely sucks immersion from the game and makes solo play a lot more crappy as many creatures inflict paralysis and some dependance on figurines is normal in difficult fights.


It seems like this bug is still in effect. While I've not waited to see whether dead paralysed enemies show up on every map still (confirmation of whether this was patched out would be nice) as I reload every time this happens for fear of the same crap I had before, they still are lingering at the very least when they die when paralysed on the same map which shouldn't happen.


This is a bug that was in v1 of the game, it definitely should not still be in v3 of the game.

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