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Ability queue and consumable bugs



When trying to queue instant cast abilities with other abilities, the character tends to just break and do nothing. For example, if you pause the game then queue the instant fighter defenses bonus thing on Eder, then queue a knockdown, he will end up just standing there doing nothing when you unpause.


Another queue related bug: If you queue two (non-instant) abilities and then queue an attack order, the character will execute the first ability, then start attacking, even though attacking was queued as the third order and therefore the char should now be casting the second ability you queued instead.


And for ****s sake what is up with potions? They've been broken like this since release and I can't believe it's not fixed yet. You have to know what the deal is. More often than not, when trying to get someone to drink a potion, the animation will play, but nothing happens, forcing you to redo the whole damn thing and pray it will actually work this time.

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