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Cad Nua Mob Bug Latest Patch




So I am getting an immersion breaking bug. The mob with marshal forwyn (the one who talks about battle of yenwood field), this guy was

spawned outside with the mob and also inside the main hall of cad nua, before the bug happened. Or perhaps this in itself is a bug since marshal forwyn shouldn't be BOTH outside with the mob and inside the main hall .


I spoke to him inside the main hall and went straight to the battlefield. I win the battle and kill the rival noble. However, after some other adventuring, when I get back to cad nua, the mob is still there and I can still talk to marshal forwyn about launching the battle. This is completely immersion breaking and as I have no saves right before this , I might start a new game .


I don't have any saves right before or after the bug, but I believe it can be reproduced by there being both a marshal forwyn inside the main hall and outside with the mob ( whatever conditions create this) , and then speaking to marshal forwyn inside the main hall to launch the battle and follow him to yenwood fields .


Another game immersion breaking issue is that I spoke to the mob/outside marshal forwyn again after I had already won the battle , just to test things. I told him to launch the battle again, this time from outside the main hall with the mob (the marshal forwyn inside the keep was gone) . I chose to meet him at yenwood fields since the follow him to yenwood button does nothing , unlike the first time I launched the battle ( and I won and already completed the battle the first time). So I travel to yenwood fields and the battle scene with the scripted interactions triggers AGAIN even though I already completed it. But once I get to the cutscene about engaging the rival lord directly and choose to charge with my troops, I spawn on yenwood field with the bodies of all the enemy troops and lord gathbyn already dead ( that's because I already killed them) .


So...... Unless this second marshal forwyn still outside my main hall is some kind of phantom that let's me relive the beginning of the battle ..... Or more likely this is an immersion breaking bug, which tbh left a bad taste in my mouth .


This might be the same bug https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84366-30-cad-nua-mob/


I hope you guys can solve this problem .


A last question: if you guys do manage to solve the problem , and then it is patched, if I load up an old save will the patch get rid of the problem. ? Or do I need to start a new game?

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