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Debuff (paralysis) without duration

Guest Jamila


While playing, I noticed on the fifth level of Endless Paths of Od Nua, where I believe Xaurip Skirmishers cause paralyze affliction, that one of my characters got "Paralyzed", but without duration in parentheses. Despite this, the character, Devil of Caroc, could move around, though because the battle ended quickly, I could not determine wheter she made attacks or not.

Then I descended further one level down, where Draguls also can cause paralysis and noticed that Devil of Caroc again got paralyzed without duration, yet could move and got killed basically in disengagement due to me testing it. I won the battle eventually, but I became curious and I reloaded to replay the battle and indeed, she again got paralyzed without duration. Instead of moving, this time I left her and she seemed not to be making any attakcs (then got killed anyway).

Eder, on the other hand, got paralyzed properly with duration in parentheses.





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Yeah, I've been seeing this occasionally too.


It's really annoying actually, I think it makes that character useless for the whole battle, they can still move around but none of their abilities seem to work properly.


For instance, here it happened to Kana and he seemed to never start Chanting again in this fight :/



Edit: Maybe it's related to the Fenwalkers boots? I just realized that Kana is wearing them and they are supposed to reduce the duration of Paralyze by 3 (seconds?). Maybe if he gets grazed by a paralyze that's < 3 seconds it bugs out? I'll try to pay attention and see if it only ever happens to him.


(Sorry, I know speculation is not usually that useful in bug reports but I'm a programmer, I can't help it).

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That could be the cause, because Devil was also grazed and wears Fenwalkers.


EDIT:  after swapping boots with Eder, Devil got paralyzed normally in the next battle. I'll keep an eye on Eder. The boots are sure suspicious. My only consolation is that whoever I looted them from died a painful death.


EDIT 2: I found a conveniently lonely Dargul and left him attacking Eder. Indeed, he got paralyzed for indefinite time,  -40 deflection/reflex, could move, but could not attack except for the first shot from his arquebus.

I also found that Kana's anti-paralysis invocation cured Eder and he was able to attack again.

Anyway, Fenwalkers are best to be avoided for now, as they clearly do more harm than good.

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There is a bug with fenwalker that i reported some tie ago during the beta.

It behavior was modified but it is still bugged. I'm glad you made this thread as i don't know if it is still considered a known bug.


As far as i can tell if fenwalker reduce the duration of the paralysis below 0 there is no issue

If it reduce the duration but not below 0 then the recovery bar of the character is frozen permanently until the end of the fight. So you can move but can't do anything else

If you are stuck instead of paralysis then the stuck effect is permanent until the end of the fight

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