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Hi all,


I was thinking of playing a wizard main for my next play through and was wondering how everyone's thinking has evolved on them since 3.0?


The last time I played a Wizard i focuses him mostly around blights, nowadays that build would be something like 17 might, dex, per and int, 7 con and 3 resolve with Blast, Penetrating Blast, Penetrating Shot, Weapon Focus, Sneak Attack, Dangerous instruments, Marksman and probably Arcane Veil. This kind of build really shines against trash mobs. I generally wouldn't worry about interrupts because you save so many spells by using the blights you should always have CC spells on hand if you need them. Nowadays I'm thinking you could use Ryonas Vambraces and sacrifice the Devil of Caroc as well for a total of -19 DR penetration on your blasts. Has anyone tried anything like this recently with high level wm2 content? That's a hell of a lot of talents to spend focusing on just one spell so I'm wondering if it's worth it.


On the other hand I'm thinking about eschewing Melee/physical ranged attacks entirely by, somewhat ironically, using Abydons hammer for +4 Might and going for 18 might, per, int, 14 dex, 7 con and 3 resolve. With this approach I would go for Arcane Veil, Hardened Veil, Secrets of Rime (all the best elemental damage spells are frost), and then for non elemental spells probably some of the +damage vs enemy to keep boosting spell damage as high as possible (vessels, Wilders definitely - perhaps beasts for dragons too).


The new bow spell seems pretty cool and could be incorporated in to any build and optimised through 2 or 3 talents (spirit of decay, weapon Focus). If you're playing a wood elf I probably wouldn't worry about getting marksman on top of that, seems like a waste given the alternatives.


Maybe there's a happy medium between the talents that boost blights and the talents that boost the black bow and you could have a good hybrid physical build?


Interested to hear peoples' views.

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It doesn't require any talents. It is very strong on it's own and uses the weapon focus that you have - no matter which (like a soulbound weapon). Sure, any melee talent will make it even better but it's not desperately needed. I mean what would you gain from Vulnerable & Savage Attack? +5 DR reduction while getting slower and +20% dmg while you get a -5 ACC malus.


Instead, cast Eldritch Aim, Meciless Gaze and Alacrity and you will be good. I mean very good. Later you can also cast Citzal's Martial Power and go totally crazy.


Since summoned weapons use any wepaon focus, you can totally skill yourself for two handed melee fight with reach weapon - because you will have Concelhaut's Draining Staff (very powerful) and that can turn into 1/encounter after lvl 9. You can use that every encounter and if things get difficult you can always cast the spirit lance instead. Or the warding staff - that's also a lot of fun.


And while you're doing great melee damage you can still let spells rain down on your foes. I mean: you don't restrict yourself.

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I build it as a range dps/ spot tank/ aoe dmg/ caster killer these days.


I like builds that don't focus on too many required talents. But a few wand talents are good for the blights at least. Most of the wizard's dps per spell is from the summoned weapons. So a high INT is almost required, and I really like the aoe dps of citzal's lance. Later on you get the black bow at spell level 8. And you can use the tentacle spell to tank for you or just block people rushing you.


Chaining the defensive spells together has become more important. So rotation might be deleterious alacrity/frenzy, mirrored images, Llengrath spell for more deflection, then citzal's lance or minor blights. If you are way in the back, protected by layers of other stuff, then Boer's offensive spell rotation would be better. I just really like using dimensional gate.


It takes advantage of the wizard's flexibility, but tends to use a lot of spells and I don't like switching grimoires. So most of my spells would be self buffs, then a summon spell for dps, then maybe a blackened sight for cc or a web for cc.


Essential phantom can also be useful, as something to block for you and do aoe damage on its own.


CON of 12-14 to absorb some hits that get through deflection. I usually use the Caed Nua +3 con resting bonus, though. The wizard has that high endurance max buff, but that's using up a spell.

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