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What is the best sequence to play PoE and its expansions


  • Should I complete the Main Quest first before entering the White March?


  • Is it better to pause the main quest as soon as you can start White March 1 and then finish both expansions before returning to complete the Main Quest?


  • Or shall i complete White March 1 then finish the Main Quest before starting White March 2


Which option has worked best for you folks?



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I think someone posted a similar thread on this.

The general consensus for quest order was:


  1. Act 1
  2. Act 2, up until Level 7
  3. White March part 1
  4. More Act 2, until either level 11 or right before you go to the animancy hearings
  5. White March part 2
  6. Finish up Act 2
  7. Act 3 and endgame



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Pillars of Eternity homebrew tabletop thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84662-pillars-of-eternity-homebrew-wip/


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My own suggestion would be:


Play main quest until WM1 is unlocked

At this point stop doing the main quest and do sidequests until level 7/8

Do WM1

Back to the main game, progress the main quest to Twin Elms

Go anywhere you want except Elmsreach

Do WM2

Back to the main game, go to Elmsreach and finish up the main quest


The increased urgency of WM2 means it fits in quite well in act 3, and the scale and stakes mean it's best done after doing sidequests in the city rather than in the middle of that

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