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Very happy with the White Match

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I didn't play part I until part II came out as well, and I wanted to say that I notice an increase in quality over the original PoE, and that gladdens me. It started with "little things" like NPCs looking more like they're alive (like the villagers having mixed feelings during combat, some of them shouting "We can take em!", others fleeing for their lives even as reinforcements have arrived, or bringing buckets of water to put out a fire) and more voiced dialogue.


I haven't gotten very far into the White March story yet, but what I've seen so far makes me wonder how I can go back to the original PoE. 

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I started a new game, am finished with act 2 and will go to WM now. I loved the Caed Nua improvements, new questline etc. made me wish for whole game was built around ruling & warring... fun stuff, gave me game of thrones vibe. Made me more excited for Expeditions: Viking which is supposed to be building around ruling & warring etc.

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