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Fiery Rain

Somewhat late feedback/criticism on stronghold's visitor dilemmas (Spoilers, of course)


Perhaps I'll repost this thread in General Discussion for more players to share their experiences, I don't know. But okay, let's start.

First off, dilemmas are very cool addition to your stronghold, so thank you guys for including them. They manage to strike a good balance between being fairly weighty and flavour-y at the same time. Although sometimes your character's possible responses lack necessary nuance and come off as a little thick-headed and childish (local cruel lord comes to ask you for advice - your character gets to respond basically this: "YOU ARE EVIL, EVIL MAN!!! GUARDS SEIZE HIM!!!"), it's all good for the most part. However, these dilemmas appear to lack... let's say finishing touches when it comes to showing possible results and a result, when this happens, they feel underdeveloped. Let me give you a few examples.

Let's start with the local drunkard dilemma. He asks you to help him with his money problems and you can suggest him to work for Bellasege. He thanks and leaves. But when you visit Sanitarium in Brackenbury to check on him - he isn't there and Bellasege bark strings are unchanged, so your choice is effectively ignored. It would be enough to simply move his model to the sanitarium and assign a simple bark string for him to make this choice matter. Because, if the game forgets right away about your choice, what's the point then? And I know it all can be justified and excused - he simply forgot, he got lost on the way, he changed his mind and returned home and so on and so on. But that's not the point. After all, when you save a girl in Heritage Hill from guls, she does not disappear, but instead shows in Crucible Knights' Keep with a bark string. Simple, but effective.

Second, and perhaps more perplexing, is the Nyry the Deft Hand dilemma. She shows up in Caed Nua and asks you to help her "disappear". One option can allow you to pay her 1000 coppers for her to disappear from Dyrwood altogether. She thanks, says she's in your debt and leaves. But almost immediately, random algorithms trigger and make her appear again, this time simply as a "bad visitor", just like before. So not only your choice is rendered meaningless, you just effectively wasted 1000 coppers on hot air.

I mean, what is this? You invested resources and in exchange, get basically nothing? Essentially, you could just say "Sorry, couldn't help you with that" and get the same result, only without money-wasting. What's the point of this option then?

So guys, I think if you started something, you should take another step as well, so to speak. These half-measures aren't helpful. Remember Chekhov's rule! :)

In short: The game gives you multiple choices when it comes to visitor dilemmas, but then for the most part forgets to show results of your selected choice, even when it's perfectly possible, instead acting as if you never made them in the first place and rendering the whole process fairly superficial.

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Hey Fiery Rain,


That is some great feedback, please do post this in general discussions or I can simply move it there for you. It would be very helpful to us. 


Thank you for your feedback!

Whats this at obsidian.net?

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