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7th Sea Kickstarter

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Apparently there is a kickstarter for the second edition of 7th Sea.




I missed 7th Sea when it came out the first time, so have zero hands-on experience with it.  Can people recommend it?  Does it allow all kinds of swashbuckleryness?  I heard the first edition was more focused on Three Musketeer adventures and didn't have much support for the more piratical types, though looking at the kickstarter they seem intent on releasing pirate stuff this time around.  Is there gunpowder weapons?  How about the combat, was it very tactical or more narrative-driven?  Would I be able to run it on a hex (or square) grid?  Could you transplant it into your own setting or was the ruleset tied into the setting?  Can I be a mighty pirate?  Can it do horror?  Zombie pirates?  Kill ninjas?  Can I be a Voodoo priest?  Port wench?


Anyway, it appears to have met it's targets so it's going ahead regardless, it's actually broken the targets in fact by a substantial amount.

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