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No textures bug in Dyrford Village



Been playing back and fourth between my home computer and my work computer and have been getting WAY more bugs this playthrough. Couldn't load Radrics Hold without crashing, loud ass footsteps despite all volume sliders at 0, cannot hire veteran mercenaries for Yenwood battle (fixed today thank you) and now this one.


This was working on my work PC, but now that I am home and trying to continue, this is what I get whenever I enter Dyrwood Village. 



Also apparently my 3mb save game file is too big to attach?


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Hey BuzzardB,


Try verifying your game cache in Steam and that should resolve your issue. In your Steam library, right click Pillars of Eternity > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Make sure you perform that action on both of your computers. 


Also, the veteran mercenaries bug has been fixed in yesterdays 3.01 patch.


Thanks a bunch!

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