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3.01 Pet AI not working



Ranger Pet AI seems to be completely non-functional. I don't play a ranger, but Sagani's fox Itumaak stands inert until I command him. If his target drops, he does nothing until commanded to again.


Reseting the AI to passive and back to Aggressive does not work, kicking Sagani out of the party and re-inviting her does not work.

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Hello psychoq10,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us! I just checked this on the live Steam build and its working just fine for me. Ranger pet companions have their own set of AI options. Make sure that his is set to Aggressive. You also have to toggle the AI on as well. If there is a green box circling around the AI box, then you know its active. 


Let me know if that is not the case. Thanks!

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