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How do i transfer saves?



I recently started to play the game but reinstalled it after i bought it on GOG and i would like to continue from that. 

To be on the safe side i looked up where the saved locations were, found it and saved everything in there. Now that i have installed the game through GOG, updated it to the latest version, i can't see my saves. New ones appear in the folder but nothing happens if i put my old ones back. It's not a super big deal as i did not make it far into the game yet, but it's still a couple of hours of lost time. 

Any help is appreciated. 



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I'm not sure if this is ok (tried to look around for rules), but BUMP.

To add something else. I even tried to make a new save and copypaste that name over my old one so perhaps the game thinks is the "the new game" i just created" but nothing works. Is it because it is an earlier version of the game maybe?

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