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[3.00.967 PX1 PX2 Steam] Can't upgrade army via Marshal Forwyn



Unless I'm doing something terribly wrong, it appears Marshal Forwyn's interactions are broken.


I was offered to upgrade my army for the assault on Lord Gathbin's army, but was unable to afford it. 


I now have the money available so return to him to pay but after selecting the same option that activated it previously: 'What's the status of my regular troops?', the option is no longer there to upgrade via the 10'000 gold.



Should it be useful, I've uploaded a save file to the following link: http://www.filedropper.com/231a81638a8248c19b47e8b8261bdb9113991955greathall

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Heya mpgardiner!


Thanks for pointing this out. Fortunately we have fixed this issue, and it's been pushed in today's 3.01 update! If you're interested in a complete list of things that were fixed today, check out the changelog here =)


Thanks again, and I hope you're enjoying the game!

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I try my very best.

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