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[3.0] Enchanting Armors - Superb vs Legendary



Don't know if anyone mentioned this already, but it seems you can enchant an armor with the Legendary quality at level 8 (text says: "Requires Level 8"), while the Superb quality can only be obtained at level 12, which doesn't make much sense. For weapons, both Superb and Legendary seem to require level 12, so I'm assuming this is a bug (or the explanation text is incorrect).

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Heya ravil!


You are correct in assuming that this is a bug; the legendary enchant is supposed to be locked behind level 16. I've written a bug and passed it to the correct department, so you should be able to see a fix in the next patch =)


Thanks for pointing this out, and I hope you're enjoying the game!

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I try my very best.

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