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[v 3.00.967 PX1 PX2 GoG] Weapon Specialization: Peasant does not work for unarmed



Leveled up my Eder, gave him Novices Suffering, Weapon Focus: Peasant and Weapon Specialization: Peasant.


The 15% damage increase of Weapon Specialization is not applied to his fists, but works fine on a quarterstaff from the same weapon group.


Don't know if its only in the equipment screen but the damage i observed in the combat log seemed to be in the range without a 15% increase as far as I can remember.

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There's a chance it's getting suppressed by the damage bonus from Novice's Suffering as both are talents. Which bears the question—is it intended?

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I do hope it is not intended. After all, you already have to sacrifice a whole talent for novices suffering just to get your fists on par with weapons that cost no talent to use (except you are still loosing a lot - even though you get the quality enhancements for free, you loose access to enchantment and unique abilities on your weapons).


Stacking with other talents should be the very least for novice suffering to be more than a gimmick in late game.

I wanted to build a martial artist fighter with fist weapons for a long time and it would suck if the whole concept became moot because all weapon centric passives of fighters don't stack with novice suffering.


Weapon focus does stack, after all, so I think it is an oversight. When I hit the corresponding level, I will see if weapon mastery changes things somehow.

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