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GOG user - Sound artifacts in Soundtrack



I lodged a support request with GOG on the 28th January, but have yet to hear back from them (I've tried contacting them again approximately a week a go with no luck).


My problem is with the Soundtrack included with the Hero edition.  Some of the audio tracks have audio artifacts which detract from the enjoyment of the music (both FLAC and MP3).


Track 8 - "Old Song" *Within the first second there is a noticeable *tick* sound (right earphone)

Track 17 - "Twin Elms" *1:05-1:06 a slight skip (like the audio track has ~100ms of audio information removed)


I didn't investigate the other tracks after finding these problems (Track 17 sounds beautiful, but it was ruined once I heard the 1:05-1:06 discontinuity), so hopefully someone who looks after the soundtrack's mastering could look into other tracks as well.


I would appreciate it if anyone else could chime in and either confirm or deny the existence of these artifacts (Track 8's is reasonably clear and right at the start) to see if it may actually be only a problem with GOG's version.



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Any more updates on this?


I've just tried downloading a new version of the FLAC OST on GOG, and the sound problems I identified with those two tracks (there may be more, I just haven't looked further) are still there.


The reason it has crossed my mind recently is that I have seen updates for another game on GOG (Stalker) where issues with the FLAC audio tracks were fixed, so thought I would update this post to get see if there has any progress remastering the FLAC soundtrack?


I have the impression that since nearly 2 years are past, this will never be fixed, but I thought I might as well try one last time, before giving up altogether.

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