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So starting a new run tonight

Pc will be a godlike moon rogue melee

Eder will be a 2h offtanking

Main tank moon godlike paladin

Durance for caster support

Debating between x2 cipher or cipher plus ranger any thoughts on which would be more effective?


Happy expansion day!!

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Most effective party imo is 6 Chanters, all chanting The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Whaled and 1 buff/debuff each.


2-3 tanks up front, 3 ranged, Dump Dex.


Get Phantoms, Knockback/Stun, Paralyze, Charms, you'll never be in a fight long enough to get a drake.


Get Scion of Flame on all characters.


Use Come Soft Winds of Death Level 1 - Level 8(?) when you get The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Whaled.  

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Two moon godlikes is overkill at this point. Just run low deflection Eder or a barb or a monk with sanguine and shod in faith.


Best setup is still one sturdy tank (Pali or fighter or monk) , one mobile dps melee striker (barb, fighter, monk or dw rogue) , chanter midfield, 4 in the back row with guns / heavy artillery getting buffed by the chanter who is also debuffing the enemies in the front. Just make sure one of those 4 in the back can switch to melee style for some oh **** moments.

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