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[3.00.967 PX1 PX2 -steam] Black screen on fast travel



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Hey godzodin,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. I loaded up your save and I was able to transition anywhere with no problems. Could you please give detailed steps on how to reproduce this issue? 



On any of the recent saves in the campaign the savegame I dropboxed, whenever I click on the circular icon to bring up the transition menu at the edge of a map, after I choose a destination the bug occurs.  While I haven't exhaustively tested EVERY possible destination, the 5-6 different ones I've tried have all resulted in the black screen with the walking cursor.  The only transition screen that works is the boat between burial isle/oldsong.

If it helps, this bug first occurred in the same beta patch as Azrell's black screen which was posted on Jan 30, at which point I shelved trying to play until  WM2 release. Subsequent beta patches fixed the missing string errors I was experiencing but not the black screen issue I was having.

If I use the oldest hardsave (13 gameplay hours ago) I am able to fast travel, but not the on other hardsaves/autosaves within the last few hours.  I've attached the savegame/output from the working save in case it helps with troubleshooting.


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Hey godzodin,


Have you tried verifying your game cache through steam yet? In your Steam library, right click Pillars of Eternity > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Try that and let me know how it goes.



I did right before submitting the bug report.  It came back clean.

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