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Help, can't access the stronghold anymore on The White March



I think I messed up my save file, I hope there's a way to fix this. So basically, I jumped into the pit (Act IV) without knowing that I couldn't go back, so after I cleared the dungeon and killed Thaos I used the console to teleport out of the dungeon and finish all remaining quests. Then I entered into the pit again and the game overwrite my previous pre-end game file! So all I have left are save files where the game thinks I'm in Act IV therefore I can't access the stronghold. I purchased the White March and I was able to receive the quests, so I guess everything will be OK for now on, but I still can't access the stronghold. Will this be fixed in patch 3.0? Is there a way to fix this through console commands? 


I appreciate any kind of help, I would like to keep playing The White March with the stronghold :'(


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Hello Ruenzuo,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. Unfortunately this is not something we can fix as you used the console command to teleport out of the pit during Act IV. Since you overwritten your pre-end game save, there is no way to revert the changes unless you have an older save you can load.


Sorry for the inconvenience! 

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