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Is WM2 also inserted in the middle of the original game?

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I have finished the original game some time ago.

The game is good, but the second half of the game was extremely easy (except one creature deep underground).

When WM2 comes out, I will play again.

I have read that WM1 is inserted in the original game, so either the expansion or the end of the game are very easy (depending on what you do first).


- Is WM2 also a "side quest" of the original game as WM1?


- Does the level scaling for WM1 work or are parts of the game always very easy?


- How will level scaling work if you have both expansions?

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As I understand, WM2 directly continues the story of WM1, so yes, it will be in the middle of the original game. 

I haven't really tried the level scaling feature, so I can't say.

I'm guessing though that no matter how much you pump up the difficulty, a level 14-16 party is still going to clean house. Can anyone confirm?

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