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First-time playing this game since Jan - 2016

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I love my melee rogue...

Lv9, and I finally grabbed the "escape" talent, and sometimes it does-not work as intended, but it looks soooo cool either way.

I usually maul *anything* I focus with my GutGore-Ripper-Dagger and Mace-Of Gowain, [for those MMO players out there who get this reference...]

This game, although it was rough at first with my melee-rogue, [especially trying to understand and exploit the rules of Engagement mechanics,] feels soooo good and rewarding after you get the jist of combat and positioning for melee-rogues.

I've read around the internet, and came across LOTS OF QQ for fellow *roguers* our there struggling with Melee-Rogue mechanics and strats.

I completely disagree with the majority out there; proper positioning before engagement, [coupled w/ proper timing to avoid aggro from heavy hitting AI,] is ALL that matters...

To me, the approach and strat is no-different than any other Tank/Healer/Melee-DPS/Range-DPS concept... If you have absolutely no-concept of this mechanic, baldur's-gate, [DnD rules] or even MMO's would be difficult to adjust to until you grasp the concept of squishy-rogue avoiding initial-aggro at all costs from enemy dps.


Almost always, rogues should go straight to casters [e.g.priest, mages, archers and druids which are the most iffy] then go for enemy [rogues solo] or attk the same target as tank, [after tank established aggro.]

Obsidian, I love this game... Thanks for the help in informing me that my EVGA utility was causing the initial-glitch, and this is the best $25 i spent this year on Steam! Lol.

PS: Please keep releasing additional content or sequels to keep this game alive...!!!! ^_^ :dancing:  :bow:

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