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[v3.00.957 PX1-Steam] Cipher changes, first impressions



Rather than re-run my high level cipher who just beat the v3.00.929 beta I've started a new cipher to get a feel for the latest changes.


My protagonist is Island Aumaua for the extra weapon slot and I intend to make them melee focussed to see how that works. I won't be dragging Durance with me so the protagonist will be the party mechanic, attributes are all in the range 11-16. I'm playing on normal because that's what I prefer and because I don't think many other regular posters here do.

EDIT: add screenshot post-47259-0-12382800-1454758467_thumb.jpg

I took Mind Wave and Eyestrike as starting powers (possibly a mistake). Background is Old Vailian to start with rapier and stiletto, labourer to get Mechanics and Athletics boost.


FIRST Impressions (camp site map):

With a starting focus of 7 you can do nothing at the start of a fight except smack hopefully on the nearest foe, by the time you have enough focus to do anything the fight's half over. Casting Eyestrike from the front line is bad news, it's quite slow (or my char is being interrupted a lot) so doesn't have an effect early enough to make a real difference. I'm not sure what the best armour option is, Old Vailian gives you mail but the recovery penalty is nasty, hide doesn't seem tough enough to protect a cipher.


The Disappointer is actually very useful at this stage of the game for a cipher, it can give you a good focus gain at the start of a fight.



I will re-start to boost RES a bit and re-think my starting powers.



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Tweaked cipher with more RES and both the fast powers (MindWave and Whisper of Treason).


This seems more useful.


It's worth noting that the protagonist now starts the game with a Strange Illness that reduces their concentration.




Whisper of Treason is good but there is some odd behaviour when the only remaining enemy is charmed, sometimes it wears off instantly, other time the enemy remains charmed but attacks you anyway :(

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I've gained the stronghold and my party now consists of 5 characters at L4.


This second beta seems to have made a melee focussed cipher as protagonist viable but its hard to know what mix of powers to pick (this is generally good). Whisper of treason is fantastic if facing a small group of enemies (low focus and quick) but useless against single or last man standing foes.

Greater Focus is a must have, at L2 it boosts starting focus from 10 to 20, a huge boost!


Focus gain is unpredictable, trolls are very productive with their low DR and high endurance but other fights have left the cipher struggling to gain focus.

Starting a battle with a high damage missile weapon seems good but I have yet to decide on the best style of melee weapon(s) to use.

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