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Most npc turning hostile in Brackenbury





I've encountered a strange bug in Brackenbury that makes most npcs turn hostiles namely Elcga, the yellow backers npcs and a courier next to the hadret house (who is supposed to give me a weapon since i just came back from destroying the device on the tower in Heritage Hill.) Guards are still friendly though.



Also I think i already killed Elcga before but she keeps respawning. AT first I thought the people attacking me were assassins from the leaden key since I met a few after meeting with Lady webb for the first time (If I remember correctly) and I think I accidently agroed some npcs during the fight.



Is there any way of turning them friendly again ? If not could this bug prevent me from completing the game ? (I guess not but I'd rather be sure)


Ps : English isn't my mother tongue so I apologise in advance for any mistake I might write.

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