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New Laptop, PoE doesn't accept savegames



Hiya Guys,


First off all, I am pretty new to PoE. But lord, you guys created a game that can finally stand up to BG I & II. Those games already ruined my study two times =-p. I'm glad I got a good job before I started PoE :)


Since I bought a new laptop I can't use my save games anymore. I deleted my old version of PoE and installed a new one. Since that time all my save games DO appear when I follow the 3 steps of deleting 'Obsidian Files' in the folders: local, local low etc.


But when I see my save games and I try to load them, my game looks like it's going to start, but just goes back to the main menu without starting my save game. Someone has a solution?


Thanks a lot!


Cheers a happy PoE player, Hein :)

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Hey Aarik,


I manually transfered the save games. But the weird thing is, on my first new laptop (this sounds pretty weird, I know =-p), everything worked fine. Then that laptop got some sound errors and I returned the laptop to the reseller. I got it replaced with exactly the same:



The only thing I did differently on this new replacement laptop was using DUTCH as main windows language, while on my oldest laptop, and the one I had before the sound issues, were English versions of windows 10.


Anyway I also attached my log files to this post :).


Thanks a lot!






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