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Is there anyway to get back my lost saved game :(?



Hi everyone, last week I had a serious problem with my PC (Black screen of death) and I had to reinstall Windows 7 from the scratch, so I wasn't able to rescue nothing from my hard drive... I lost a lot of saved games including my awesome Paladin from Pillars of Eternity.

I know steam got the auto-save feature for cloud but Im playing on GOG Galaxy, if is there anyway to get back my paladin I would be so SO SO!!!! Happy!!! Please if anyone knows how I'll really appreciate 

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Hello PrChewii,


I don't believe that GOG Galaxy has a cloud storage service, and if it did, you would have to enable it on your own. Unfortunately if you didn't back up your saves before reformatting your PC, then there is no way to get your saves back.


However, if you didn't partition the drive, there should be a "Old Windows" folder in your C: drive. If its still there, you might be able to find your old saves.



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