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So after completing the game on easy and using various combinations of the npc's for their story arcs I am now deciding to up the difficulty and playing as a completely self-made party. My idea is (since i'm a HUGE fan of earlier Forgotten Realms stories) is to create a party based off of Companions of the Hall. I'm going to try to make my party as true to what these characters where in the stories but realize, due to limitations in the game, i will have to change a little bit up here and there.


My group would consist of:


Bruenor Battlehammer - Mountain Dwarf Paladin (Axe/Shield), Main Tank

Wulfgar - Coastal Aumaua Barbarian , (Two Hander), melee dps/off tank

Drizzt - Fire Godlike Fighter , (Dual Wield Sabres) , melee dps

Catti-bree - Wood Elf Druid (wolf form), (Hunting or War Bow), utility (CC/Buff/Debuff/etc)

Regis - Hearth Orlan Cipher, (Raiper/Dagger/Crossbow), dps/debuffer


My main character will either be a Chanter or Wizard....not sure yet. 


A few things about their race choices.....

Bruenor - MD..mainly for look and feel. Tanks can pretty much be made with right stats/gear combo

Wulfgar - CA ....Wulfgar is a HUGE man...makes sense visually and stats actually work

Drizzt - FG....okay, I know he's a Drow but for his spec I am choosing the FG is perfect for him. 

Catti - WE...yes, she's supposed to human but for this spec/class combo the WE is perfect. For those wondering about why druid and weapons choice, in her first life she was a ranger/fighter (great with a bow), her second life she was reborn with druidic/healing knowledge and shapeshifting ability (wolf, eagle, owl). 

Regis - HO.....no gnomes in the game and HO stats/abilities are perfect for a Cipher. Regis makes sense as a Cipher . In his first life he could influence others minds with the use of a magic ruby. In his second life he favored a magic rapier/dagger/crossbow. 


Not sure what difficulty to play this group as. Also, does not having the premade npc's make that much of a difference in the end? I know i'll miss out on some side quests but is that about it? 


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