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Save game compatability from pre 1.0.5 save to 2.0.3?

Sir Walter Devonshire


Basically as the title says will a save from before 1.0.5 (1.0.3 to be exact)  work with the latest 2.0.3.


The reason i ask is i downloaded POE about a year ago but have yet to play it properly now ive got a game going and wondered if there were any patches turns out there is, i should of checked before i started but i had the RPG itch and rushed in thanks for the help.

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Hello Sir Walter,


Technically there should be no issues with using a save from 1.0.3 into 2.0.3 but a lot of changes have been made since then. The only way to find out is to load up the save. If you like, you can upload the save and I can check it for you.


Though I would recommend starting a new game.



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