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So, I came up with this hilarious character, his name is King Joffrey.


He survived the purple wedding, and traveled to Dyrwood, with the boar named Piggy(he is a ranger), who killed Robert Baratheon. His favorite weapon is arbalest or crossbow, naturally. And he used a longsword as a second weapon(he forgot to bring his widow's wail). Unfortunately his intelligence is only 4, because of course it is. You can spend the points wherever you want.


The setting is so funny. When Calisca asked why he was here, he answered with "someone tried to poison me", that is just priceless. And when he got to the inn, you can get the black hound. The hound!


All in all, it's so fun to RP a cruel/aggressive character, and Joffrey happens to be the master of it.



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