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Bugged Gilded Vale seems to have broken the game



The first time I entered Gilded Vale the fog of war never lifted- which I thought was odd - but maybe it was just part of the progression... so I continued. Then I ran into my next party member (the mage) who was arguing with no one, and when it came to fighting all I could see was a waving sword(?). When the fight ended, which I couldn't participate in, loot dropped but I couldn't click on it. Now I'm thinking something has to be wrong.


I try reloading a old save, going back to the old zone, and even go to the tree and look around (because the voice that greeted me mentioned someone on the tree whos pocket I migth be able to loot). Nothing changed anything. While trying to figure it out I saw stairs in teh town I could go down. I thought, "maybe if I progress when I come back it will force fix the zone..." so I completed the underground area.


The first time I rested in that area when I came to I got a some dialog from the lady in the tree, but aside from that the under area seemed to all progress fine. But when I came back up the same problem was there - only fog of war, nothing I could interact with, loot still sitting on the ground nto clickable.


At this point I said %$#@ it and decided to move on from the city to Magran's Fork. When I zone in I have the UI, can click on the ground, and get character icon in the top of the screen when I move (and I hear walking), but aside from that the screen is completely back and I can't seem to progress at all from this point...


What gives?

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Are playing from steam?





If so please verify your game cache and see if that fixes your issue.


Sure but I think you're going to need to help me with that, because I'm not sure what that means lol.



If not, could you please upload a save and an output log so I can take a look?


Same as above, sorry I'm a dummy lol.

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