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What do you guys think about MrBTongue's new video regarding the new vs the old Infinity Engine games?

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Video in question:


He brings up a lot of good points. Should balance in single player rpgs be more important than forging an immersive, unique semi-sandbox experience? I for one hope to see more ludicrous and idiosyncratic equipment in Pillars 2.


Are we losing too much of the special something that makes a "great" rpg versus just a "good" rpg by making the game beginner-friendly (i.e. having fewer and tamer choices and mechanics) even while multiple difficulty levels exist? 


What are your thoughts?

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I don't believe breaking balance on purpose is a good thing. Crazy equipment are good to be in if there is some very tough way to get them, but think about that: If you find the *best* item in the game at some point, why change to something else? I prefer items to be of equal power per "item level" so that I have a tough choice to make of what to keep and what to drop.


And to be honest, I don't think broken items make a great rpg. Great story, characetrs, setting and, most importantly, great roleplay and interaction make a great rpg. Items are there just for the fun part :p
I don't have any memories of items from the old games, only of characters and story. Maybe a couple of items like Lilacor and the 3-headed flail from BG2 :p


On the choice part, I think he is mostly right.


I found MrBtongue from this particular video and watched all the rest. He's quite good and I mostly agree with him.

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